what to consider before hiring a stone mason!
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If you want a person who can create a beautiful sculpture or a structure out of stones, headstones kidderminster is who you are looking for. Even if you own a building that needs repairing in its stone work, the mason can do the repairing job. Moreover, the mason is also capable of fixing stones and converting a place into an architecturally beautiful one.

Thus, before you hire a stone mason Birmingham, you need to be sure that you have considered the following things.

· The mason is qualified, knows the art of stone work and crafting gravestones, knows about the different types of stones and other elated things, in short, he must know what he is dealing with.

· Go through his certificates and experience, if any. Ask him about the different tasks that he can perform and how much time would he need for the completion of a single task.

· Keeping in consideration the deadline of the work and the complexity of the work, decide the pay rate with the mason. Does it suit the both of you? If it does, then you can hire him.

· Do consider the apprenticeship duration of the mason.

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